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#hacksummit 2016 – event-driven microservices – Events on the outside, on the inside and at the core

A couple of days ago at the virtual conference Hacksummit 2016, Chris Richardson, the founder of Eventuate, gave a talk on event-driven microservices. Here is the abstract:

This presentation looks at the importance of events and the role that they play in applications. We describe how events are a key application integration mechanism and how they are used by applications to communicate with the outside world. You will learn how the microservices inside a system can use events to maintain data consistency. We discuss how easy it is to implement both of these mechanisms by developing your core business logic using an event-centric approach known as event sourcing.

The talk describes how to build event-centric business logic using event sourcing. The events emitted by DDD aggregates are used within an application to maintain data consistency across services. They are also used to integrate applications using the patterns of enterprise integration. Events are used to generate notifications (SMS, email, mobile push etc) that are sent to users.

Here are the slides:

And, here is the video

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To find out more about how you can use the Eventuate platform to build event-driven microservices: