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Build Eventuate Applications with AWS Lambda and Serverless

We are super excited to announce that you can now develop and deploy Eventuate applications using AWS Lambda and Serverless Framework. AWS Lambda functions have always been able to use the Eventuate APIs to create, update and find aggregates.  In fact, the Eventuate Signup page is a serverless application. What is new is that AWS Lambda functions can now subscribe to events published by the Eventuate event store. As a result, Eventuate applications can now be completely serverless.

We have written a plugin for the Serverless framework that makes it super easy. You simply specify in serverless.yml the events that your lambda is interested in. When serverless deploys your lambda, the plugin tells Eventuate to dispatch those events to your lambda. The following diagram shows how this works.


For more information, please see the following examples:

Introducing the Eventuate Local Console

We are super excited to announce that the Eventuate Local event store now has a simple console. It lets you browse the aggregate types and view aggregate instances. You can also see  a real-time view of the events as they are saved in the event store.

Here is a screenshot showing the TodoAggregate instances:


Here is a screenshot showing recent events:


The UI is implemented using ReactJS UI and a NodeJS-based server. It is packaged as a Docker container image and can be run by defining the following container in your project’s docker-compose.yml:

 image: eventuateio/eventuateio-local-console:0.12.0
 - mysql
 - zookeeper
 - "8085:8080"
 SPRING_DATASOURCE_URL: jdbc:mysql://mysql/eventuate

Run the Eventuate Todo example application to see it in action.